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Day Fifteen

15. Do you have a favorite season? What is it and why?

My favorite season is, without a doubt, autumn. Growing up in Minnesota, fall has always been the season I look forward to most because of its breathtaking colors and nature. The orangish-pinkish color of sugar maple leaves almost appears as neon-like and I wait for this all year. Minnesota in the fall is astounding as is, but my dream fall vacation is to travel to any of the mountainous National Parks to see their autumns close up.

Day Fourteen

14. Do you have any special talents?

I wouldn’t consider them talents, as I’ve seen many people far better at the same things that I like to do. That being said, I do really enjoy making art in my free time, things such as drawings, paintings (watercolor and acrylic), hand lettering/calligraphy and coloring. I believe I do have somewhat of a unique style, but you can see for yourself if you’d consider it a talent. 🙂

Day Thirteen


13. What is your favorite quote or a quote that means a lot to you?

  1. The first quote that comes to mind immediately is the bible verse that I got as my first tattoo, Psalm 147:3 (See My First Tattoo if you haven’t already!). The verse goes, “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” Countless times, in many different ways, I have found myself very brokenhearted and in the dark, alone. At some points, I’d never thought I would feel happiness or see the light ever again. After enduring the struggles and pain I experienced during hospital stays and sicknesses, I always found myself extremely weak and afraid of what’s to come. Suffering from depression and anxiety brought on a constantly agonizing and unwanted struggle that proved even the lowest and deepest of my lows wrong. My loneliness and pain during these dreadful moments of my short life have forced me to look for something greater than myself. This verse has, very literally, saved my life on multiple occasions, and I will never question nor regret choosing this for my first tattoo. I am forever grateful to have this beautiful reminder upon my arm daily and am constantly giving thanks to the man upstairs who makes my life possible. :’)
  2. Another quote that hits home that I appreciate tremendously is from my favorite book, A Million Little Pieces, by James Frey. The quote is, “Be strong. Live honorably and with dignity. When you don’t think you can, hold on.“. Also from Frey in the same novel, the quote, “Failure is an opportunity. If you blame someone else you will never stop blaming. Fulfill your own obligations, correct your own mistakes. Do what you need to do and demand nothing of others.A Million Little Pieces is an incredible book and I suggest all/any of those who have not read it yet to have it be the next novel you pick up.
  3. One day you will make peace with your demons and the chaos in your heart will settle flat. And maybe for the first time in your life, life will smile right back at you and welcome you home.” -R.M. Drake, Beautiful Chaos
  4. What else? She is so beautiful. You don’t get tired of looking at her. You never worry if she is smarter than you: You know she is. She is funny without ever being mean. I love her. I am so lucky to love her, Van Houten. You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world, old man, but you do have some say in who hurts you. I like my choices. I hope she likes hers.” – John Green, The Fault in Our Stars
  5. The final quotes I will pick for this post are from the lead singer (John O’Callaghan) of my all time favorite band, The Maine. He’s truly the greatest in my eyes and I have endless lines and lyrics I could write, but I’ll keep it to five for my readers’ sake. 🙂 “You must see all colors to know no blues.” – “A tongue full of only tomorrows will never quench your thirst for today.” – “Learn to love yourself simply by loving.” – “Love’s worst day is always better than hate.” – “My heart you may take, for my head to me is far more precious. A narrow mind is a diseased mind.


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Hope everyone’s having a fantastic summer!

Hi all! Thanks for sticking with me and being such great, supportive followers. This is by far my favorite social media account to run and check up on because of you guys. You’re the best! :’)

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Justifying Crazy: What I Haven’t Told Anyone About My Mental Illnesses

*This article may contain triggering content. Readers view at their own discretion. It was at age fourteen, as we left the doctor’s office with a spare K10 test, a diagnosis of three mental illnesses, a referral to a psychologist and a prescription for Fluoxetine, that my parents said “it’s probably best to keep quiet about […]

via Justifying Crazy: What I Haven’t Told Anyone About My Mental Illnesses — Ambs Anonymous

Day Twelve

12. What was your first car?  What is your current vehicle?

My first car was used and handed down to me from both of my older brothers, as it was the first car for both of them. It was a used 1991 gold Acura Legend, and I absolutely loved it. I was not surprisingly the only one at my high school with this car, let alone a gold car in general. Some of the best memories I made throughout high school begin with or involve that car and the majority of my friends during school can say the same. Unfortunately and at the time heartbreakingly, I totaled my first and favorite car. I rear ended a woman right after the stop light turned green; quickly after we started going, she braked hard and I was looking away at the time, even had I looked at the last second, I had no chance of not hitting her. We weren’t going anymore than 10mph and in another situation the damage would have been less of a cost, but the Legend was already on its last limbs. Granted, we were able to get a used car for me pretty quickly after the accident, but I was super bummed that I had to be the one to put it down forever. I’m glad I made and have the memories that I do from that part of my lifetime, and I’ll always have a piece of that shitty ride in my heart. 🙂

My current vehicle is a 2004 white Infiniti G35. This beautiful vehicle is to me, how I can imagine having a child would feel. It was recently my moms car but passed to me when she upgraded to a newer 2015 Infiniti. As a college student, I am extremely grateful to have something this nice. As any student should, I planned on just looking for the best car I can get for the cheapest price until I was making a solid income and able to afford something nice of my own. I’m still shocked about being given this and I make sure to prove daily to my parents (and myself) that I can appreciate and take care of something this nice.

Day Eleven

This is obviously not the most consecutive ’30 Day Challenge’ which I apologize for, but I will get through all 30 at some point, thanks for staying with me 🙂

11. Name a few of your weaknesses.

My generosity and compassion often allows me to get taken advantage. Certain people will realize I’ll almost always give the benefit of the doubt and go out of my way to help, even at my own expense. On multiple occasions I’ve gone back to friendships and relationships that I was treated very poorly with disrespect in, often repeatedly, because I didn’t want to lose somebody I loved and I, again, gave the benefit of the doubt much too often. I love spending time alone but I struggle with and am very saddened by the loneliness that comes with it. Something I hate more than anything is confronting or dealing with conflict so I try to avoid it at all costs, not because I am scared of standing up for myself (which I am not in any way and am quite confident about doing so) but because I hate the overall feeling of not being on good terms with someone or having them be upset with me. I have pretty thick skin and am able to take a joke/make fun of myself, I’d say, a lot better than the average young adult female. It takes a lot for me to have my feelings get genuinely hurt, but if/when they do, I am incredibly sensitive and get very upset and will think about it for long after the incident. When I experience sadness, I feel it wholly and fully or nothing at all, and when dealing with clinical depression, these lows are extremely difficult for me to cope with and come out of. I am carefree and very free-spirited and spontaneous, which means I definitely have a lot of fun. It rarely ever collides with or overrides the professional aspects of my life, but I do have to be conscious of not making spontaneous decisions that could turn for the worst on me and really think things through.

My pronunciation of certain words is borderline horrendous. I recently realized I could just create a running list on all of the terrible mistakes I have been corrected on, and it’s actually impressive how wrong I was. It’s hilarious but also humiliating.

  • Yosemite as ‘yoz-mite’
  • epitome as ‘ep-i-tohm’
  • Mille Lacs (lake in Minnesota) as ‘milly-lacks’
  • meme as ‘mee-mee’

I know there is a handful of others I missed, and when I remember I’ll definitely add it here. Likewise, if I am corrected with any more examples of words I absolutely butcher I will be sure to post, so stick around for some entertainment. I also am incapable of passing calculus 🙂


For Any Online Gamers!

Hey guys!

For anyone who is into online gaming and/or live streaming videos, this post is for you guys. My brother just created his first live streaming account through Twitch.tv and will be playing old-school RuneScape! His stream is very very entertaining to watch; he’s extremely skilled at the game and just has a lot of fun making videos for others. He also made a YouTube account to post specific and requested videos and will be updating actively there as well. Creating a follower base is difficult for a new account on any social platform, so I’m just trying to help him get his name out there 🙂 Check out his site and be sure to spread the word (and link) to anyone elso you know who’d be interested!

Twitch.tv Site

User: 5hourenergized; Link: https://www.twitch.tv/5hourenergized

YouTube Channel

User: OSRS Timmy; Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEwLLj2nvYUBhWZ9xENgMCg


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